DelGuard +2C

Vertical direction
Upward force on lead, The vertical pressure and force on lead triggers the lead to release upwards, adding protection.

Oblique direction
Angled force on lead. Pushes the nose piece forward, adding protection.

Hard to Jam
Generally, short leads get caught between the gap and break. However, the ‘DelGuard System’ protects the lead allowing you to keep writing without fear of the lead breaking.

Emulsion ink

Ink in which combine oil-based ink and water-based gel ink to create a stable emulsion state.




Replacement Eraser ZEBRA J
Leads 0.5mm
Ball diameter 0.7mm
Size 154.3mm X 13.1mmØ
Weight 18.6g


Barrel Color Number EAN Code 4901681
Red P-B2SA85-R 731831
Black P-B2SA85-BK 731817
Blue P-B2SA85-BL 731824
White P-B2SA85-W 731862

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