Midliner Brush

Brush Type

Good for coloring, illustrations, card writing, marking, as well as calligraphy.

Rich in variety color

25 ink colors.
You can also make your unique, lovely notebook and schedule book and so on.

Mild Color

Mild and subtle color ink.
Useful in a variety of situations.


Water-based Marker

  • Twin type (BRUSH and SUPER FINE)
  • Mild Color
Writing Wides SUPER FINE 0.5 – 0.7 mm
Ink Water-Based Pigment
Size 148.0mm X 11.5mmØ
Weight 10.5g


Ink Color Number EAN Code 4901681
Mild Blue WFT8-MBL 424726
Mild Red WFT8-MR 424733
Mild Green WFT8-MG 424740
Mild Yellow WFT8-MY 424757
Mild Brown WFT8-ME 424764
Mild Pink WFT8-MP 424771
Mild Violet WFT8-MVI 424788
Mild Orange WFT8-MOR 424795
Mild Gray WFT8-MGR 424702
Mild Gold WFT8-MGO 424719
Mild Dark Blue WFT8-MDB 108107
Mild Blue Green WFT8-MBG 108114
Mild Smork Blue WFT8-MSB 108121
Mild Magenta WFT8-MMZ 108138
Mild Vermilion WFT8-MVE 108145
Mild Cyan WFT8-MCYA 425426
Mild Summer Green WFT8-MSG 425402
Mild Lemon Yellow WFT8-MLY 425457
Mild Coral Pink WFT8-MCOP 425471
Mild Lavender WFT8-MLV 425488
Mild Apricot WFT8-MAP 425495
Mild Dark Gray WFT8-MDGR 425419
Mild Marigold WFT8-MMGO 425440
Mild Citrus Green WFT8-MCG 425433
Mild Fuchsia WFT8-MFU 425464
5 Color Set WFT8-5C 424917
NC 5 Color Set WFT8-5C-NC 424924
RC 5 Color Set WFT8-5C-RC 424931
N 5 Color Set WFT8-N-5C 425617
HC 5 Color Set WFT8-5C-HC 425624

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